Monday, June 14, 2010

Founder’s Day Car Show

I have not written on here in a few weeks. There is good reasons why. The most notable is because of the computer melt down I had two weeks ago. After playing recoup and trying to gain a weeks worth of work back I finally have a chance to write on here. The second most notable issue is the transition from one location to another for a studio. We have a summer location located on Dwight st. Located across from Heritage State Park. When I say we, I am of course referring to True Resolution. So having explained the reasons for the absence, I can now move on to the most recent images made in Holyoke. Please note, there are watermarks on these photographs. If you wish to have a copy of any image you see in this article, please email me at  attn: Jeff

The Founder’s Day Car show brings enthusiasts from as far as Boston, as one Car Club’s decals depicted. I made it out for the show last year, which was similar to this year. However, the key difference being some of the cars last year held a different style in terms of class and make and model that were being shown. This year there seemed to be a few lesser cars than last year. Loud music filled the streets along with the aroma of Spanish food being grilled up by a vendor on the corner of Dwight and High. City Hall was a stage for a dj that played a diverse collection of music ranging from contemporary Hip Hop to different variations of Spanish music.  There was a real sense of heritage and pride in the atmosphere, as everyone seemed to be celebrating not just their cars, but their culture as well. There were quite a lot of opportunities to make photographs. From simple shots to more complex images like my panoramas below, it was a great afternoon in terms of photographs. 

pano 1

pano 2

Pano 3

pano 4

pano 5

 pano 6

pano 7

pano 8

pano 9

pano 10

pano 11

pano 12

pano 13

pano 14

pano 16

 pano 17

The first 15 photographs are all panorama spreads to show the depth and dynamic view of the car show. The preceding photographs show specific things within the exhibit.