Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holyoke's First Snow

Sunday night into Monday morning we had some snow fall. It began early in the afternoon on Sunday and called it quits very early Monday morning. I spent a good deal of time outside as I was working on an unrelated photo essay. Here are a few images from Sunday and Monday.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frozen Landscape and more.

On my way back to Holyoke from Northampton today, I spotted a really interesting piece of the landscape. On RT5 just before entering Holyoke, there is a section of the Oxbow Marina that usually ends up spilling off into the surrounding terrain. In the fall we had some heavy rain that caused a little bit of over flow in this piece of the land. This over flow started freezing before it could become saturated into the ground. What happened as a result of that ended up causing a large deposit and build up of ice. A few warm days and the ice melting caused the build up to drop in height. I have a few images I made of this piece of the landscape. I just had to pull over and pull my camera out for what I was seeing.

Earlier this week there was a terrible accident at the corner of Race and Dwight. One car came to a rest agains the building that is on the corner of the intersection. Speeding is through this intersection is a real issue.