Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend: Part 2

The bulk of the images shot over the weekend are set for projects that are yet to be publicized and discussed publicly. However, below are some images that do not completely reflect said projects, but are images I want to share.

 blue box yellow stairs

Homage to Robert Aller

Pile of rocksCar Seat

Quick study of a swing. 

Tire swing 3

 Tire swing 2 Tire swing 1Mechanics

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  1. Regarding the first image in this set, you seem to capture dimension in a beautiful that not only demands attention to the details of images we see everyday, but suggests that perhaps we rush through life too quickly-discarding the elements of vison that have the potential to change the ways in which we think about our surroundings. Incredible work here.

  2. Jeff...I am truly honored to have played a role in your development as a photographer. You are becoming more and more remarkable as an artist. Keep that eye focused on the world as you do daily. As you know, I am a devoted teacher with a vision of incorporating photography into many students' lives and have for the last 28 years in the Pioneer Valley. You are an important link in that chain of young artists that have been working at it since we met. Thank you for the homage to my work from "Transfigured Landscapes."