Friday, October 1, 2010

Nuestras Raices Fall Harvest and more

Last weekend I was in attendance for two fall harvest events in Holyoke. The First Lutheran Church on Northampton St and then the very very largely attended Nuestras Raices Harvest Fest. My experience with the First Lutheran church was very different from the cultural and ethnical celebrations at the farm. This made for a contrasting display of images in a celebratory fashion. When I was present at First Lutheran, the tone that was set was centered around family and the invitation and welcoming of people outside the community of the church. It was a great environment that was fun for kids and their parents. Below are a few sample images I made for the church.

The contrasting theme that was set at the Nuestras Raices farm exhibited a very culturally diverse look at a strong community based network. It was a very impressive turnout, 1490 people had passed through as I was leaving, just before 4pm. I was there for a multitude of reasons. The most major being is my integration into the HFFPC community. In addition to this community integration, I was there to document the fall celebration and visually interpret the sense of community.

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