Monday, March 7, 2011

UMass Amherst student focuses on Holyoke...

Stephanie Geiser, a UMass Amherst art student, is using Holyoke as the focus of her Thesis for a Bachelors in Fine Arts, concentration in Photography. Stephanie is concentrating on the Water St section of the city and is producing visual display of the plight of industrialism. The project is a conceptual look at time and space, designed to be presented to the viewer as walk through installation piece, this body of work will be a visual examination of a once thriving, economic powerhouse that helped drive the city. Her image/s will be re-contextualized in former mill space, in which the viewer will engage with and navigate through. I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie on other projects as well as she is an intern at our studio. She has a been a beneficial help to our business in addition to be an exceptional photographer and artist. You can view a sample of her Holyoke photographs (not for her thesis) below.

You can find more examples of her work by visiting her website by clicking here Stephanie

This video is a behind the scenes clip that highlights the area she is focusing on.

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