Thursday, May 12, 2011

HH Richardson Train Station

What currently sits as an urban gallery displaying a large sampling of Krylon colors, spray-painted pieces of art, the HH Richardson Train Station is awaiting its next phase of life. The train station is going to be part of a larger project involving bringing an active line to Western Ma, naming Holyoke as a stop. This is great new for the city, especially the immediate area. The new station, plus the second phase of the Canal Walk within walking distance, will surely generate some traffic to the beautiful down town area.

For those who are un-aware of or are not familiar with who HH Richardson was or his vast impact on Architecture, you can get a better sense by reading this:

HH Richardson Wiki

Below are a few of my photos from the trip in. There was a lot of people who attended the trip in. I couldn't make a nice image of the full exterior at the time because of the vast amount of people.

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  1. Nice pictures. Too bad the taggers have gotten to the outside of the building. It's also too bad that the years the building spent as a warehouse and then as a machine shop have resulted in a historically gutted building. Much of the original detail in the building is now gone. However, if the building does happen to regain some re-use as a station I'm sure the inside will include modern amenities.