Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lyman St Fire: Holyoke, MA

I received a phone call, "Jeff, are you in Holyoke?, No, but I will be in a half hour or so. There is a building across from us on fire." I guess I will be there even sooner than I thought, I responded with. Fully engulfed in flames, I knew that photographing this building as it burned was needed. What I didnt know was, it was going to land me in the office of a Photo Editor for a local news publication. Below are the images of the scene.

This was the second scene this year that we responded to in Holyoke. There as a major fire on Chestnut st back in August. No one was left homless due to that fire. Yet it added to Holyokes long list of fires. Again this year, we are faced with yet another disaster involving a building burning. In the past 18 or so months we have seen Parsons Paper ignite into a blaze of memories and ruble, to the fire in the summer, up till tonight.

Our hearts go out to the 15 families that have been left without a home tonight.

Panorama of the entire scene. *(edited quickly for print)1

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  1. is there a way to give donations to the families?

  2. The Red Cross is accepting donations. I would imagine you can donate to the families as well.

  3. Donations are still being accepted at Rosary Towers on Bowers St. Families are still in need of food items, clothing and toiletries.
    Monetary donations are being sent or deposited at all New Alliance Banks Acct.#707454149.

  4. Me And My Father Own This Building,
    I Was With my Mum during this fire But I saw All the videos of the fire...tears ran down my cheeks so I quickly rushed to Hoyloke To Talk with the familes, I Asked if they were okay and they said They Are Fine But Uspet About this Crime, My Father Ran into the buliding and tried saving all the animals in the Building, But My Dad Told me, "Only 2 Dogs Died" And Well...I Wouldn't stop crying Because Both animals were My Pets that I had when I was Younger, But after that...Well..It's been a few Months, My Dad Can't Fix That Building Due To The Smoke, Trust me I went in there, It's Like a Scary Movie, But Yeah, As I Said, Everyone in the Building is Okay...Oh Yeah and I'm The Owner's Daughter Danellys! Just in case If You all were wondering, I'm 12 haha And This is What I saw with my own eyes...