Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Walking Tour

This afternoon I took a tour through part of downtown with a new friend. It was great to get out of the studio mid day and meander around parts of downtown. My friend Phil is a city planner with a sincere appreciation for the city of Holyoke. It was a rewarding afternoon of discovery as I learned about the famous designers that are responsible for some of the beautiful buildings that Holyoke is home to.

It was also great to get out with someone that appreciates Holyoke the way I and a few of my friends do. Holyoke really does have a lot to offer people. The only problem is, people arent aware of it just yet. There are a few big changes facing Holyoke and I am happy as well as anxious to see them take place. I made a few photos while out on our walk. I will be posting them later as well as a few others from the past month.

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