Saturday, January 30, 2010

Library Tour plus more….

On Wednesday I joined a small group of people to tour the Holyoke library. It was a privilege to gain access to such a beautiful building. We had a top to bottom tour from the basement to the roof top. Below are a few images. Where is the panorama? That will be up in the next few days.

double glass floors

Between the glass floors.


Inside the children’s room.


Does anyone know what these are? They are stamps. I guess people used to use them on paper???


The first part of the soon to come panorama.


Taking an observation view from the roof top.


Some beautiful art work, resting on the floor.


Interesting how the new and old technology is fused together to help power the library. These wires represent different time periods from the current, (no pun intended) to a more dated time period.

old and new wires DSC_0199 DSC_0044

Scale model of the future addition. Which come to find out is a rendition of what it could be, but chances are will be redeveloped.

DSC_0152 Pano 1

I adore this church. Pictured below.

DSC_0209 DSC_0049 DSC_0155 Pano 2


One of the most interesting features, well that I found to be interesting anyways, are the glass floors that are split between two floors of the library. I have seen glass floors before, but the way this set is was constructed, built, and designed is more integrated into the structure of the building. The fogged glass makes for an interesting image when someone is standing on the floor above you.

Double glass floors 3


Double glass floors 2

Stairs and books

A familiar view.


Tire still life.


Down the drain.


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  1. Hi Jeff! Thanks for the library pics! I have two blog suggestions based on my viewing preference. Please feel free to ignore:
    -I think your great images would 'pop' more with a grey or white blog background. The current black background makes it harder for me to see details.
    -I'd love to see you post larger images on the blog. Google's blogger (which I think you use) now allows you to post Small, Medium, Large or XL size images.

    Thanks again! I enjoy your work.