Saturday, January 16, 2010

A quick walk and some photos

Myself and a few friends have a certain fondness for the buildings in Holyoke. There are a few in particular that we admire.

400 High St Former Essex House



Pano of the rear of the building and the lot it sits on and near.

Pano of 400 High 

A very beautiful building on the corner of Maple and Essex st

Untitled-5Untitled-4  Untitled-6


  1. I believe the Maple/Essex building is one of the few properties in Holyoke that is actually listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Maplewood Hotel, listed in 1983.

  2. That is very interesting to know. I am very captivated by the row houses that are along that stretch of Maple, just before Cabot. Every time I pass it reminds me of parts of New York and Boston. I feel in love when I saw that building's details yesterday.

    Thank you for adding the tidbit to my post.