Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday Night: Arts and Foods

Friday night I headed out to two opening receptions. System: Recent Paintings by Denis Luzuriaga at Open Square and then another multi studio reception at Paper City Studios, located at 80 Race st, Holyoke, MA. I had a chance to see new friends, old friends, and make some new friends. Friday night was also the first night for Bring Your Own Restaurant. There was a very positive and creative vibe passing through the area. It was great to get out and see some amazing pieces of art and share some laughs with everyone. Of course, some photographs were made to. I highly recommend getting out to Open Square and viewing Denis’s paintings.

July 9th from 6-8pm Saturated: A Colorful Photographic Exhibition of Contemporary Holyoke will be opening. (Saturated on FaceBook)The photographs I will be exhibiting are going to be fused with elements of Holyoke.

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  1. Great overview of the exhibit. I really wish Paper City had an updated website. Did you happen to catch the name of the artist that had the installation with the barrage balloons?

    And it was really good to see you out too. I regret not being around Holyoke as much anymore.