Friday, May 28, 2010

Mt Tom: A hike at night…

Last night after we saw how the moon was making its appearance. Big, orange, and bright, we had to find a high altitude place to photograph it from. Mt. Tom was a seemingly good choice. The next question, where to go to get to the highest point. We parked and walked up the rd that leads from the Mt. Tom Reservation area off of RT 5. It was a fun walk. It took about 45 minutes till we made it to the tower. Here are the photos from up there.

This is the town of Easthampton, Ma being lit up by the city lights and the cars passing through. This was a very long exposure, roughly 8 minutes in duration. 


The next two photographs are about 2.5 minutes long in terms of exposures. That is 2.5 minutes of standing still while the camera was recording the image.


30 Second exposure with a flash light projecting light.


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