Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Empty Canal plus more

Over the weekend the canals were drained. Some construction has been taking place as they sit dormant of water. I took a few minutes out of my Saturday schedule to explore the canal outside the studio. I found some interesting things, as seen below.

You never really see fish laying in the canal, but mussels and these little characters. I found a hermit crab, which I didnt know lived in the canals. It seems there is a thriving eco-system that lies underneath the flowing water.

X Marks the spot...

This little questionable creature has been dubbed, Roger the Canal Creature. It had pre-historic qualities about it and made for an interesting subject to photograph.

The two most common objects I see in the canals when they are drained are drivers licenses and shopping carts. However, in front of the playground there are a number of bikes. It begs to question, are the bikes evidence of theft? And, if so, is it related to kids stealing them to ride to the park? I have never seen so many bikes in one spot. And to put any stereotypical debate a side, there were no cars, no bodies, not bones, corpses, just rusted out bikes and shopping cars.

Building shots: Inside near our shooting space.

Installation by Dean Nimmer

From August till now our studio has been very busy. We have increased our work load by a substantial amount. We have been shooting senior portraits and have been enjoying it very much. This work load includes the Exhibitions at Open Square.

Tonight I did a set of portraits of a car and its owner.


  1. it's eco-system not echo system. eco as in ecology, eco-tourism.

    in addition, it's echo-location. dolphins and whales, bats use this to locate prey. they send out a signal which bounces off objects in the area and gives the animal a picture of what lies ahead. kinda like an x-ray image.

  2. Thank you for the typo correction. ECO was the intended word, ECHO was a typo. Although, ECHO-LOCATION is something that has always fascinated me.

  3. It is great knowing you, Jeff - aside from being a good friend, you are an excellent photographer, who has been willing to share a few secrets with me to help me improve my own camera skills. These images have almost all been taken in places I've seen for years, and yet they all have a very certain quality to them that changes my perspective on Holyoke. Great work, as always!