Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Public Art Ban: Sunset Date

Yesterday on one of my facebook posts, I think from the blog post I wrote yesterday about damaged photo that was given back to me, had a comment asking when the "Public Art Ban" in Holyoke would be over. From what I was told, there is no end date written into it. It would appear, on paper, that the "temporary ban" has a permanent bond, like gesso on a canvas, than we would like. While doing some research, I came across this quote scribbled on a wall, in an alley. I commend the artist for their statement.

The same City Council that voted to have a municipal position added to the City, "The Creative Economy Coordinator," now has a ban on public art being installed. Tisk Tisk Tisk....

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  1. Let's just paint penises on everyone one of the board members cars... they are dicks and that is art, baby!!