Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time: Panoramic Views

The hands of time no longer turn. If you stand on the corner of Dwight and High st and look up you will see a clock tower that no longer moves. Has time stopped? Is this metaphor indicative of Holyoke at a standstill from change and growth?

While the hand has not struck the bell in a very long time, the clock coming to a stand still is a more recent change. The last time I climbed the steep stairs the sounds of the wind passing through the windows was dancing around the sounds of the tick tock of the gears moving the hands around their circular pattern. I was surprised to see that the clock is no longer functioning.

Peak foliage is ending. A lot of leaves have fallen to the ground. From a distance the trees still have enough to create a colorful texture.

I made these photos today in passing. This was my "lunch  hour."

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  1. Wow this collection is really beautiful! From up there Holyoke looks like a timeless European village with all the steeples. Really nice. I'll be sharing this on my fb page so more folks can see these! :)
    from Bob G