Monday, January 17, 2011

The Holyoke Landscape..Plus more

A quick five minute drive from the flats, the heart of the urban landscape of Holyoke, you can arrive at Mt. Tom. Mt. Tom was once home to Mountain Park and a well known ski place. Both have closed and become memories. However, it is this short five minute drive up that completely changes. You go from row houses to rows of tall grass, landscapes, views of the neighboring cities, and vast amounts of nature. Mt. Tom holds a lot of beauty. When the mountain is capped with snow and catches the early morning sun, it glows vividly. When the early morning fog rolls off the side and blankets Holyoke it creates a mood unique to the city. Here are few photos from before the snow came.

Last week I had the pleasure of using the Dam Cafe as a backdrop for a portrait shoot. Local artist Katelyn Richards is releasing an album this month. The Dam Cafe made for a great location to work with her. Just a few samples below.

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