Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Night Before New Years Eve

Last Sunday we had a nice dusting of snow. During the height of the "storm" a friend and I were making our way up Mt. Tom. It was an adventure quite honestly, not as dangerous as one would think. There was a little bit of wind, nothing to major. When we were on the mountain, the wind was sweeping the tops of the trees. The snow was falling, but not as think as it was on the main roads. We were guarded by the thick of the trees. We did not make the summit like anticipated. It was this night that inspired me to again attempt the summit of Mt. Tom of 141. However, on Thursday night the attempt was cut short by nature. In a very close proximity to where we were hiking we were able to hear the playful yelps of a pack of coyotes. The sounds of the dogs cheerfully expressing their presence was enough of warrant to vacate the mountain. So, instead we made our way back to the studio, but we were side tracked by the blue lights that dotted the Canal Walk. It was getting more cold, the air was very thick with the stench of burning plastic. I was very skeptical where that was coming from. We meandered around looking around for the images that would best convey the moment. Off in the distance we heard a few soft pops and the rumble of cars making a haste get-a-way. Just another night in Holyoke. Here are a few photos from some time spent in the cold.

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