Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holyoke City Hall: A few photos

Everyone is familiar with the castlesque tower and stone building that resides on High st in Holyoke, MA. A structure, an architectural masterpiece if you will, that stands out in skyline of Western MA. Frequently, when my photographs of city hall are viewed,  I am asked if it was a former church. This is not true, though it may appear as if it resembles a church, especially with the stained glass windows. It was actually built to serve as the city hall. City Councilor Aaron Vega invited me on a tour of the building this afternoon. To my surprise I saw things that need to be photographed. What I am posting here is a very minute amount of what I want to show. There will be more coming.

 chair 1 chair 2 chair and shutter Chairs and windows gate Out of the window shoes stained glass window stained glass window 2

Copy Right Jeffrey Byrnes


  1. Limitless photographic possibilities in these spaces. Would be awesome with a model thrown in.

  2. I agree. As I was shooting I was thinking of every conceivable image that would be good with someone in the spaces. The light was great too for natural/diffused portraits.

  3. Nice shots, good use of HDR. I go into a lot of those 19th century buildings in Holyoke and elsewhere for work (HVAC), and sometimes kick myself for not being able to stick around and just take pics of those old wonders.

  4. Thank you. There is a lot of unseen in Holyoke that just beckons to be captured. I did not expect any of what we saw. Especially considering it was city hall, one of the most monumental buildings in the valley. I know you have the D90, but if you had something a little smaller like the Canon G11, it would be compact enough to carry with you in your gear. Youd be surprised at what that camera could do.