Monday, February 8, 2010

The Wherehouse: Train Caboose

The photograph below is on my Facebook profile. It was seen by a few people who enjoy it. A friend of mine, a real train enthusiast, was able to recognize this particular Caboose. I was surprised to find out that he has information about it. Which is actually kind of an historical fact about this particular Caboose. I do not know the owner, yet. As it was also asked by another friend if they could show him this photograph. I would assume that the owner would also posses the knowledge I am about to share.

“The info on that caboose is that it is a Southern Railroad type N5H. When it belonged to the Southern it had road number 3170. They were purchased by Penn Central in 1971 for yard service and was used in that manner until retirement and its purchase by the Wherehouse. The Penn Central road number for the caboose was 18440.” Justin Moreau

Train wharehouse

COPY RIGHT Jeffrey Byrnes and

I made this photograph back in September 09. I knew that some of the elements in this eclectic space was historical. When making the photographs though, I didnt stop to consider who might be able to shed some light on these interesting pieces of history. Now my image not only conveys a visual story, but there is an interesting fact about the life of the subject in which I photographed.

Thank you Justin.

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