Saturday, February 6, 2010

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It is known that I operate a few different blogs. If you are reading this site for the first time, then you maybe unaware of Lenshare came before Seethebrick. It was some of my work with Lenshare that helped bring about the creation of Seethebrick. Though Seethebrick is very basic and simple. It is transitioning to something much greater than it is very shortly.

If this isnt your first time reading, or seeing this site, then I make two assumptions, you have seen Lenshare or you havent. Lenshare is my brainchild in which I use a platform to discuss photography in a wide variety of topics. I some times use it to feature some of my photographs that will not appear on this site. As this is a Holyoke site only!

Big changes are coming. Stay tuned!

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