Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holyoke City Hall: Portrait

Glenn Sullivan

Pictured here is Glenn Sullivan, a Holyokeite, and very knowledgeable historian of the city. Glenn is the definition of a walking encyclopedia in terms of Holyoke’s history, current, and contemporary issues and topics. Here, he is taking a closer look and stepping outside the of the box to get a truly unique view of High st.

Copy Right Jeffrey Byrnes


  1. I love this shot. And Glenn amazes me with all the stuff he knows about Holyoke.

  2. Thanks Joe, it was actually me who inspired him to get up there. I was trying to see if we could see our studio. And he just said oh, well here lets open the window and climb out on the ledge and take a look. And here we are.

    I am always impressed with his wealth of knowledge pertaining to Holyoke.

  3. This photo is perfect in so many ways..the light, the lines, the figure, the tones. Great work, Jeff.